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EP-Nuffic is the main expertise and service centre for internationalisation in Dutch education, from primary and secondary education to higher professional and academic higher education and research.

EP-Nuffic is the result of a merger between the European Platform and Nuffic, two organisations with a long-standing commitment to internationalisation. From its headquarters in The Hague and eleven offices worldwide, EP-Nuffic will of course continue to inspire and support Dutch education.


The new organisation aims to actively contribute to a world in which everyone benefits from internationalisation. One way to achieve this is through successful capacity development programmes. International connections will serve to enrich the knowledge and experience of pupils, students and instructors. And through knowledge exchange we are able to support various countries around the world.

The Dutch economy and Dutch society will benefit substantially from these cross-border activities. Driven by these aims EP-Nuffic will be the new centre of internationalisation in education.

See the organisational chart for an overview of our organisational structure.

National Commission for UNESCO

The National Commission for UNESCO Secretariat is an autonomous department within the EP-Nuffic organisation. UNESCO is the United Nations organisation that promotes global peace and security through education, science, culture and communication. The National Commission for UNESCO is the link between the global community, united through UNESCO, and the Dutch professional field, as well as between the field and the Dutch government.



The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has jointly appointed EP-Nuffic and CINOP as the National Erasmus+ Agency Education & Training Department. EP-Nuffic is secretary of the National Agency.

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EP-Nuffic is ISO-certified.

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