NFP TMT (Tailor-Made Training programme)

The Tailor-Made Training programme (TMT) is a specific type of study programme funded within the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP). A tailor-made training course is designed to meet specific needs of a requesting organisation.

A tailor-made training course has to be carried out by a Dutch training provider. To be eligible for an NFP Tailor-Made Training your organisation must be located in one of the NFP countries:

NFP countries(60 kB)

Organisations in these countries can contact the Dutch embassy for more information on the NFP TMT.


The next EP-Nuffic deadline for TMT is 1 November 2016. It is only open for joint proposals with co-funding. Please note: both Dutch training providers and requesting organisations are expected to contribute their share of co-funding. Read more about this in the detailed information.

Detailed information about the NFP Tailor-Made Training Programme(311 kB)

As usual, the joint proposals have to be submitted to the Netherlands embassy/consulate for your country.  

Important: Embassies and consulates use earlier deadlines than 1 November, as theyhave to process the joint proposals before forwarding them to EP-Nuffic.

More information

Information for Dutch training providers

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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