Information for Dutch embassies and consulates

Step-by-step assessment guide

A step-by-step guide on how to check and assess Orange Knowledge Programme applications:

1. Course registration deadline in Hodex/SK123 (no task)

2. Programme course details check in Atlas (no task)

3. Candidates can register for a fellowship (no task)

4. Institutions submit their grant applications and nominate candidates (no task)

5. Embassy checks eligibility and assesses applications

  • Check the eligibility of nominated candidates and reject non-eligible applications in Atlas;
  • Assess eligible candidates.

Base your assessments on the outcomes of the country scans:

  • The extent to which the application fits into the policy target group;
  • how well the candidate can implement their newly-acquired knowledge in their daily work;
  • the extent to which this knowledge will contribute to the country's development;
  • how well the candidate's post-fellowship plans are described and how realistic they are.

You will assess candidates by answering a number of questions to which points will be awarded. An application that has not been assessed receives 0 points, but remains eligible and can still be selected for a fellowship.

Orange Knowledge Programme – Assessment questions(66 kB)

6. Selection (no task)

7. Grant award (no task)

Other documents

OKP Short guide for the application and selection process(130 kB)

OKP NFP reasons for rejection(365 kB)

Orange Knowledge Programme Atlas User Manual for Netherlands Embassies(775 kB)

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