The Tanzania Dutch Energy Capacity Building Programme focuses on the renewable energy and gas.

The programme is initiated and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Environment, Water, Climate and Energy (IGG). It focuses on the renewable energy and gas sector in Tanzania.

The TDECB has been designed to strengthen capacity in the renewable (specifically geothermal) energy and gas sector in post-secondary education and vocational training in Tanzania. It will follow the procedures and formats of the NICHE programme.

The programme will support Tanzania to develop local capacity to better address technical, international and domestic challenges related to these sectors and generate more revenue to develop the country and alleviate poverty.

It contributes to the implementation of Tanzania’s national development policy and focuses on establishing and/or strengthening cooperation between Dutch and Tanzanian academic and TVET education.

Donor coordination and private sector involvement

Strong links will be established with the private sector and complement capacity building initiatives of other donors in the renewable energy and gas sector. The TDECB programme will directly and indirectly support key-actors in post-secondary education and training related to renewable energy and gas, including:

  • universities, schools and higher education institutions;
  • public and private training organisations;
  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Gender and labour market

The TDECBP programme will pay special attention to enhancing equal opportunities for women and men and to the link between capacity development and labour market needs, promoting (self-)employability of women and men.

The capacity of the selected organisations will be strengthened through the support, know-how and expertise of Dutch service providers, in association with local, regional or international partners or experts.

More information

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