Living Labs

Living Labs are an instrument to better position Dutch universities of applied sciences in the Neso target countries and regions. Each Living Lab is a bilateral initiative between universities, businesses and governments targeting a specific sector.

What is a Living Lab?

Each Living Lab connects companies and governments to higher education institutions through students, lecturers and researchers who apply their specialised expertise in a specific sector to real-life challenges.

The Living Lab links with the political and economic priorities in both the Netherlands and the various countries by targeting a sector that is a strategic industry of both countries.

This was developed by Nuffic to be used as showcases of what the Dutch universities of applied sciences have to offer internationally in the various Neso countries.


  • Bilateral network of universities, companies and public organisations
  • Targeting a specific sector in both countries
  • Focusses on employability of the labour force and innovative capacity of the specific selected sector
  • By enabling and developing competencies of people working in the specific selected-sector: students, lecturers, researchers and professionals
  • By developing practice-oriented (higher) education and conducting applied research and practical assignments for which real-life issues are selected

Current projects 

There are currently three Living Labs in progress. Click on the links below to read more about the projects.

  1. Logistics & water – Indonesia
  2. Biobased economy – Brazil
  3. Creative industries – Korea


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