Mapping Internationalisation (MINT)

MINT is short for Mapping Internationalisation and was inspired by clear demand from the field. It is a tool that allows institutions to map their internationalisation activities and objectives.

MINT consists of a digital self-evaluation form that generates a convenient outline of various activities and objectives related to internationalisation. Facilities, quality assurance measures and outcomes are also addressed in the evaluation. The tool can be used by higher education institutions or institutional subdivisions such as individual faculties and, in particular, study programmes.

The questionnaire focuses on:

  • internationalisation objectives and policies
  • internationalisation activities
  • facilities
  • quality assurance
  • indicators
  • outcomes

What does MINT offer?

MINT is a tool to perform:

  • self-evaluations
  • intra-institutional and inter-institutional comparisons
  • benchmarking

It will support users to:

  • monitor and guide policies and activities
  • prepare for inspections and accreditations
  • set up an internationalisation strategy

Stimulate discussion

In addition to providing a toolset, MINT is designed to launch a broad discussion about making strategic choices in internationalisation objectives, identifying internationalisation indicators and defining standards to measure the outcomes of internationalisation.

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