Launch Holland Alumni network – Netherlands

Publication date: Nov 15, 2017 12:00 AM

On the 15th of November, the Dutch division of the worldwide Holland Alumni network was launched in Utrecht. This new student and alumni association will be known as Holland Alumni network – Netherlands and will provide a community for internationally (minded) students and alumni residing in the Netherlands.

The aim of the association is to facilitate career opportunities and to foster innovation through knowledge and cultural exchange.

Students and alumni meet employers

“We plan to organise career cafés throughout the country where students, alumni and employers can meet and talk about career possibilities”, says Colombian PhD candidate Sandra Rincón, who is the first president of the association. Until now the Holland Alumni network did not have a dedicated chapter for internationally (minded) alumni living in the Netherlands.

”Many of these alumni have expressed the need for a community to network in order to find job opportunities and share their experiences and knowledge”, explains Sandra Rincón. “There a many networks for international students think about the Erasmus Student Network. But for internationals who would like to stay in the Netherlands, this is the first available network.“

lancering HAn NL

The launch of the Dutch divsion of the Holland Alumni network-Netherlands.  

National alumni strategy

International talent is of great importance for the Netherlands. According to recent studies of AWTI and the Buijink-report, “The Netherlands should improve her international position of talent and investment hub.” Supporting the setup of the Holland Alumni network – Netherlands fits Nuffic’s national alumni strategy to underline the potential of the Holland Alumni network as an important tool to link international talent to the Netherlands.

National alumni strategy (in Dutch)

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The Holland Alumni network – Netherlands is part of the worldwide Holland Alumni network which offers an online database and interactive communities for internationals who completed a study programme in the Netherlands.
This network plays a vital role in connecting international talent and linking them to their host institutions, but also to Dutch organisations and embassies abroad. Join this worldwide talent hub today on

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