The 8 goals of the Orange Knowledge Programme

Publication date: Nov 10, 2017 12:00 AM

The Orange Knowledge Programme was officially launched on 2 November 2017 during the Dutch Knowledge Development Partner Day. Read all you need to know about this new Programme for Global Development in our digital magazine 'Orange Knowledge'.

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The Orange Knowledge Programme is the successor of NICHE and NFP. This new programme aims to develop the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions in the field of academic, professional and vocational education in low and middle income countries.

For the new 5-year programme, managed by Nuffic, 220 million euro is available.

The 8 goals of the Orange Knowledge Programme

What is the Orange Knowledge Programme exactly? The programme is based on the following 8 basic principles:

  1. Innovation is key to the development and implementation of the programme.
  2. Reciprocity and equality are important elements in the collaboration. This means that the Southern partners play an active role in the design of collaboration projects.
  3. Flexibility is required regarding implementation of the programme and division of resources depending on the local needs and context.
  4. Demands-driven approach is key with regard to ownership, sustainability and the efficient use of resources.
  5. The programme must be complementary to other Dutch centralised and decentralised ‘development programmes’ in low and middle income countries.
  6. The programme encourages and stimulates co-financing.
  7. The programme provides opportunities for marginalised and vulnerable groups and integrates a gender perspective.
  8. The programme focuses on presenting results stemming from knowledge development at individual, institutional and group levels.
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