New Holland Scholarship Australia

The Dutch consulate in Sydney took the initiative for the New Holland Scholarship – Australia (NHS-Australia). It was a one-off scholarship programme, to commemorate a historic moment in time.The

In 2016 we celebrated the first recorded European landing on Western Australian soil by the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog 400 years ago. The NHS-Australia could therefore be placed in a historical context, owing its name to how the Europeans used to refer to the continent of Australia: New Holland. 


The NHS-Australia aimed to increase the academic cooperation between Australia and the Netherlands. One of the main pillars of the programme was to stimulate new bilateral partnerships and deepen existing ones between Australian and Dutch universities.

In Australia, the main objective was to publicise to the target audience that besides the high level education that Dutch universities offer, the Netherlands is also home to the largest amount of English taught academic degrees from all countries on the main land of Europe. 

In the Netherlands we publicised that the high level of Australian education offers plenty of well-funded research opportunities, in a spectacular native-English speaking country. 

Now closed

This programme is now closed for new applications.

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